Speakers appreciate Chinese govt for highlighting Kashmir issue in UNSC

RAWALPINDI, Jan 19 (APP): Speakers at a seminar held here on ‘Kashmir Lockdown and Jinnah’s Vision’ under the auspices of Jinnah Iqbal South Asian Plus Forum have appreciated the efforts of Chinese government for raising the issue of Kashmir Lockdown in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and stressed the world to shoulder their responsibilities with regard to resolve the Kashmir issue through relevant UNSC’s resolutions in a peaceful way.

The seminar was held at Jinnah Iqbal Education campus Rawalpindi with Former Senior Economic Advisor of World Bank Fateh M Chaudhri in the chair.

Rana Abdul Baqi Jinnah Iqbal South Asian Forum chairman, Prof Aqeela Asif of Comsat University Islamabad, Dr Sabahat Sajjad, Arsalan Akbar Abbasi and others spoke on various aspects of Kashmir dispute in the backdrop of Jinnah’s visionary struggle to achieve Pakistan opposed by the Hindu extremists.

The students of Jinnah Iqbal girls and boys sections presented national anthem and national songs reflecting the aspirations of the people of occupied Kashmir demanding of the Indian government to quit Kashmir.

The seminar was largely attended by senior citizens, teachers, women and students.

The chief guest Fateh M Chaudhri said Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision as builder of Pakistan not only translated the ideas of Hakeem ul Ummat Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal into reality but also told the world in unequivocal terms that Muslims of India were a separate nation in all respects, hence deserved a separate homeland in the districts and the princely states of India including the state of Jammu and Kashmir, where Muslims are in majority.

He said the world leaders and the international human rights organizations must look into the plight of Kashmir population made hostage by the extremist Hindu government of BJP in league with RSS since more than five months.

He said the world leaders must act to pressurize Indian government to allow the people of Kashmir to exercise their right to self-determination as envisaged in the UNSC.

Fateh Chaudhri appreciated the mannerism through which the students of Jinnah Iqbal Education conducted themselves to highlight the Indian atrocities on innocent people of Kashmir.

He mentioned that it was good to see that people of Pakistan stood united against the nefarious designs of India in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

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