Sucking TAX Payer’s money, PIA must cease to exist

PIA is a blood sucking tool of the unknown and the nation is bleeding already due to other laurels brought by many of the previous governments and the present one also following suit.

Losses of the PIA are being increased every year. From where this money comes that PIA still remains a float?

You and me are paying for their salaries and operational /running expenses i.e it’s an airlines being run on Tax Payer’s money.

Why do we pay for salaries of those who are incapable and are just sucking our blood for their lavish life style?

Another concern is that it is continuously bringing a bad name to the country, may it be crashes every few years, PALPA issues, Flight Safety issues from EASA or the poor condition of it’s aircraft, we feel ashamed once people abroad talk to us on such miserably run so called National Carrier.

You want some figures so here they are for losses that have been added in past two years by PIA, Rs. 53.3 Billion and Rs. 35.5 Billion for 2019 and 2020 respectively. Losses in 2020 were reduced as the airline didn’t fly much due to Covid 19. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s see if we do not fly it at all than how much are going to be the losses? After all you and me have to pay for those losses.


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