Surprised news on how many accounts were closed, anti-polio anti-polio social media

Prime Minister’s anti-polio campaigner Babar bin Ata said that crackdown continues against propaganda against the polio campaign.

According to a Baaghi report, Babar bin Atta, the prime minister’s assistant specialist tweeting social contact website on Twitter, said that anti-polio campaign was requested to close 495 account on social media by 257, out of which  257 Account closed. 209 accounts block on request to block 263 accounts on Facebook. 15 accounts have been blocked on Twitter requesting 134 blocks on Twitter. 33 blocks have been blocked so far on request of 88 blocks on YouTube. Babar bin Atta further added that the accounts which were not closed were to be re-contacted for action against them.

It is clear that polio teams are attacking one side, on the other hand, social media was organized against social polio on which the government had to take this step.

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