Talks between Afghan Taliban and Turkey on Kabul Airport security

Talks between Afghan Taliban and Turkey on Kabul Airport Security, Turkey and Taliban have reportedly held the first formal talks on Kabul Airport security.

According to a foreign news agency, Turkey held its first formal talks with the Taliban in Kabul. The meeting took place at the Turkish Embassy in Kabul in which the security of Kabul Airport was discussed.

Earlier in the day, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told the media that the first formal meeting between Turkey and the Taliban lasted for three and a half hours and that talks would continue if necessary because Without dialogue we will not know what they expect from us or what they want from us.

Tayyip Erdogan said that the Taliban want to keep the security of Kabul airport and they are inviting Turkey to run the airport, you run the airport, the responsibility of security is ours.

“The Taliban’s request for technical assistance at Kabul Airport is worth considering, but we have not yet made a decision. It is necessary to restore peace there before taking charge of Kabul Airport,” he said.

It should be noted that 90 people, including 13 American soldiers, were killed in two bomb blasts in Kabul yesterday, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility, while in case of withdrawal of all foreign troops after August 31, the Taliban will keep Kabul airport active. Has asked Turkey for help.

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