Team Ghazi win National Bridge trials 2023


GHAZI team won the national Open Team Bridge Trials in six days with double Round Robin and 6X16 Boards Final, they thus earn the right to represent Pakistan at the 22nd BFAME Championship.

The Fourth Round of final started with a bang Team Ghazi Trailing by 34 IMPS went on rampage sacrificing in 5Clubs going down two while their partners bid 4h and made it.

In the very next board the score another game swing, on Board 26 Bid a slam after 15 Boards had a lead of 30 Imps but gave away 7 IMPS on last deal and ended the fourth round recovering the deficit by 20 IMPs when the fifth round started the Scores were Allana 132 and Ghazi 118, 14 Imps Behind.

The Fifth round turned the game around where team Ghazi out played opponent.

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