The truth can be a bad choice for a wise man (from the quotes of Lagartha)

Afghanistan has been there since the time of the Zoroastrians. It saw the change of many dynasties and has been a part of Iran at one time. Geographically its location is crucially strategic as it has been a center of trade for many years. A gateway to India – it’s the Asian roundabout of trade on the new silk road.

September 11 has been a game-changer when we saw America with its absolute might, the might which has dealt a severe blow to Afghanistan and its war Lords. The people found themselves in abysmal darkness with no immediate solution on sight. The indiscriminate killing was the norm. It almost took America 20 years for a drawdown of troops nearly taking effect this coming September. 50 percent of Afghanistan is still being occupied by the Taliban. The intra-Afghan dialogue, vis a vis America has been reinitiated, after being stalled for a no of times.

But for Pakistan, it is imperative that we learn from our past mistakes. As in, we lost about 70,000 lives of innocent civilians collateral damage to the tune of billions of dollars. We were forced into fighting someone else’s wars. We bore the brunt of the miscalculated war which wreaked havoc upon us. We have been thus stigmatized for being a haven or a thriving sanctuary for the terrorists.

The idea of Islam has been misinterpreted all these years. It has taken us 20 long years to treasure this path. We were buffeted and battered every step of the way. Afghanistan is a potpourri of different races, predominantly the Pushtuns, the Hazaris, Tajiks, the Iranians, and the Zoroastrians. The intra bond of Pushtuns living this side of the border was being misconstrued as having clandestine relation shop with some of the notorious afghani Pushtuns. Anybody would have thought so, considering the interminable intra-border movement. Hence the conundrum. we paid heavily.

Since its accession to the power that fully understands the geopolitical dynamics of the area is not ready to bow down to the unreasonable demands of the US. How can we possibly lend our territorial bases or the air space to America which has been used for long to the extreme detriment of our sacred land? His recent interview with the Reuter sent ripples across the masses and the opposition. He surely has learned from the past.

During the regimes of Zardari and his ilk Nawaz, 294 drones were launched in his time, and 69 during the time of the latter can’t keep playing in the hands of those who put us in such shambles. One straight no, and that’s it. His principled stand on this will be consequential. We hear the foreign ambassadors are now required to have visas. No American is allowed to roam around in cars with tinted glasses. No luggage of any such incoming diplomat is exempt, from the lawful scrutiny of baggage.

In Naya Pakistan now we find that No number plate will be displayed on any rented car carrying a diplomatic emblem. Prior permission from the federal is required to obtain any property or vehicle on rent by worthy diplomats.

No American could lengthen his stay after the expiry of his or her visa. The stay of any such diplomat must as a necessity of our law must get his or her visa validated. Some strong measures being taken now. This truth could be a bad choice for a wise man like IK.


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