The world’s first country to get half of its population vaccinated

Lahore, 21st March, 2:30 PM: The United Kingdom achieved a milestone after half of its adult population got inoculated against novel coronavirus.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, more than half of all adults in Britain have had at least one injection of COVID-19 jab.

The announcement was made by UK’s health secretary Matt Hancock on Saturday, making it the world’s first major economy to achieve that level of inoculation.

Hancock said that Britain’s vaccine roll-out is ahead of those in the European Union and the United States, meaning that the country is on track to ease lockdown restrictions and reopen the economy in line with its plan.

Hancock told Sky News on Saturday, “The vaccination programme is our route out of the pandemic.”

Official data shows that 26.9 million received the first dose of vaccine, up from 26.3 m the previous day.

According to reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson received the Astra-Zeneca vaccine on Friday, after which he tweeted, “More than half the adult population of the UK have now received their first jab. Many thanks to everyone involved in this fantastic achievement. Let’s keep going.”

Using Astra-Zeneca and Pfizer jabs, Britain’s vaccination roll-out is one of the fastest in the world. According to reports, Israel tops the world in terms of the number of its population it has vaccinated, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Chile, then the UK.

By mid-April, UK’s government aims to give at least one shot to everyone aged over 50 and to every adult by the end of July.

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