Thick fog continue in different parts of Punjab

ISLAMABAD, Jan 15 (APP): Punjab is in the grip of severe cold, while dense fog has continued to blanket almost everything, especially the motorway which has disrupted several schedules and has created various problems for the passengers on Wednesday morning.

A Spokesperson motorway police talking to private news channel, said that Khanewal-Multan motorway has been closed for all kind of traffic owing to thick fog and poor visibility.

The thick fog has badly affected the flow of road traffic in several major cities of Punjab including Bahawalpur, Gojra and Lodhran.

A spokesperson of the motorway police said that the visibility level reduced to 40 meters at the National Highway.

He urged the citizens to avoid unnecessary travel and advised the drivers to use fog lights while driving.

Poor visibility caused by dense fog caused the accident, he added.

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