This owl was put on ‘Diet’

When Suffolk Owl Sanctuary in eastern England was called to rescue a “little owl,” they did not expect to find one that was actually too fat to fly.

Reports reveal that a concerned citizen first spotted the poor bird lying helplessly in a ditch. Even head falconer Rufus Samkin, whose team then took the owl in on Jan. 3, believed the bird to be injured at first. There were no wounds to be found, however, leading experts to believe the female owl was simply too wet to fly.

But it was only after a thorough drying-off and complete checkup that they noted the real issue.

Upon weighing the overindulged bird, the bird rescuers found out that it is roughly a third heavier than a large healthy female little owl. “She was unable to fly effectively due to the fatty deposits around her body,” Suffolk-based animal rescuers wrote. They added that it is very unusual for wild birds to become obese naturally, so the rescuers put all effort into investigating the possible scenarios – the first being that she was an escaped aviary bird. However, it turned out that she was simply “an unusual case of natural obesity.”

However, after a few weeks of strict diet, the little owl was released back into the wild.

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