Thrashing of Talal Chaudhry at the hands of brothers of PML-N woman MNA takes new turn


ISLAMABAD, SEP 26 (Online):  Clash between PML-N leader  Talal Hussain and  brothers of PML-N woman MNA has taken a new turn amid the report the woman MAN has threatened to resign from her assembly seat.

On the other hand PML-N leadership is trying to hush up this matter and it is stating that Talal Chaudhry has been injured due to car accident.

According to  website Urdu Siasat brothers of PML-N woman MNA have thrashed Bilal Chaudhry due to which his bones have been broken. He is admitted into National hospital Lahore and his surgery has been conducted therein.

According to report  an affair has run between the woman MNA and Talal Chaudhry for long period. Later this woman MNA left  Talal and established relationship with another political leader. Talal Chaudhry tried to  enter into the house of this woman MNA.  Brothers of woman MNA caught him and thrashed him.

PML-N sources have confirmed this incident saying hands, arms and several bones of Talal Chaudhry have been broken and he is admitted into hospital for treatment.

The woman MNA is also stated to be hailing from Faisalabad and she was elected on reserved seats.

PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb has said that the reports that brothers of woman MNA have  targetted  Talal Chaudhry are not correct.

The sources said this woman MNA has informed Maryam Nawaz about the entire situation and said she does not want to remain MNA.  However PML-N is hiding the matter of her resignation.

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