Three JF-17 Thunder aircraft handed over to the Nigerian Air Force

May 21, 2021: Pakistan has handed over three JF-17 Thunder aircraft to the Nigerian Air Force.

A special ceremony was held in this regard in which the Minister of Defense of Nigeria Major General (Retd) Bashir Magashi and Deputy Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Syed Noman Ali specially participated. According to the Pakistan Air Force spokesman, Bashir Magashi said that he was grateful to Pakistan for enhancing the capabilities of the Nigerian Air Force in tackling the security challenges. F-17 fighter jets are very happy and excited about joining the Nigerian Air Force.


It should be noted that Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder fighter jet has made its mark all over the world in the dust-blown air combat of the Indian Air Force. International magazines are beating the drums of the technical capability of the Pakistan Air Force. Reputable military aviation website The Aviationist says the MiG-21 is the first victim of the JF-17.

The Pakistan Air Force has successfully tested a homemade missile from the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet. The homemade missile fired from the JF-17 hit the target with 100% accuracy. It should be noted that the JF-17 Thunders of the Pakistan Air Force are equipped with state-of-the-art missiles manufactured at the national level. The inclusion of homemade missiles has also enabled them to hit targets in light and dark.

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