Tik-Tokers Under Fire: Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak’s Apology to Mubasher Lucman


Pakistani Tik-Tokers, Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak, posted another video on social media apologizing Mubasher Lucman on entering his private jet without his consent.

Since last week, a series of videos were being made by the two girls against a very well-known personality from Pakistan’s journalism attire, top-notch journalist Mubasher Lucman. Hareem and Sandal entered Mubasher Lucman’s private jet without his permission.

According to sources, the incident took place after Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)’s Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan grant permission to the two Tik-Tokers.

After trolling against the Pakistani journalist on social media and making false allegations against him, Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak, in their recent video, apologized the journalist on their shameful act.

In their recent video, the two girls apologized the journalist and made it clear that whatever they did was a mere joke. Further, they said that Mubasher Lucman is the shining star of our country and we will always respect him.


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