Tips for Your Basic Skin Care Routine

Healthy Mind, Body and Skin means a Healthy You!

Being blessed with great skin not only depends on your DNA but, also on your daily routine and skin care habits.

Skin is the first thing that gets noticed and it is the most important part of our body protecting us against the outside world. Our skin is the shield against bacteria, virus, sunlight, chemicals and pollution.

The more it is being cared for the more it will look healthier and be useful for us.

There are some basic skin care formulae which most of us follow and they are very easy and quick. Cleansing your face first thing in the morning is necessary. It could be with a cleanser, a light soap or a face wash/gel so that you face is cleansed from oils, dust particles and left over make up. This should be instantly followed by a moisturizing cream so that the layer of your skin could be recovered soon and you get your essential oils back. It leaves your skin smooth and soft.

REMEMBER: Do take notice of your skin condition as well.

If you have an oily skin, and that can be observed if your skin is greasy most of the time, then you should go for those products that are meant for your skin type. Dry skin gives a patchy, itchy look, therefore, one should opt for a very light soap or face wash and a heavier moisturizing cream. Normal skin is ideal but, it too needs a little care to look rejuvenated.

Do remember to apply sun screen in the morning after your moisturizer or you can mix them both. Whether you go out or not a sun block is a must in your day care routine. It gives protection to your skin against cancer cells and ultra violet rays. Too much exposure to sun causes premature ageing.

Your face needs cleansing at night too. Make it a ritual to wipe off all the day’s dust and chemicals before going to sleep. Again the same procedure, face wash, toning and moisturizing. Toning serums keep your skin in a firm and uplifted.

Always remember to complete sleep cycle, minimum 6 to 8 hours is required to keep your face and mind, fresh and alive. Sleep helps your organs to relax and rejuvenate. Having proper sleep prevents dark patches and circles under your eyes.

Don’t skip any of your meals, eat with intervals. Take proper nutritional diet including fruits and vegetables. These fruits provide your body and skin with required vitamins, for instance tomatoes and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which act as anti ageing and prevent the drying of the skin thus giving it a fresh look. Similarly, a watermelon has Vitamin A, B1,B6 and C which help fighting acne and oily skin. It helps in flushing out toxins from your body.

Never forget the proper intake of water, 6 to 8 glasses of H2O daily helps in giving your skin a glowing look. Dehydration makes your skin dry and wrinkled which could be improved by proper hydration. Water helps in maintaining the optimal body temperature thus, keeping the skin moist and replenishes the skin tissues leading to the skin’s increased elasticity.

REMEMBER: Exercise is the key to a healthy life, healthy body and ultimately healthy looking skin.

Exercise helps in distributing the blood to the whole body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells throughout the body including the skin. When our skin cells get the required amount of blood and oxygen they work properly creating a freshness in us. Even a simple walk works wonder, sweating is an easier way to flush out those toxins and harmful bacteria from our skin that our body is carrying. Working out also tightens our skin cells giving us a youthful look.

REMEMBER: Our skin is the reflection of what we feel inside.

The most important thing that our skin needs is a stress-free mind. When our brain is free of stress and anxiety then it functions at its best. Anxiety creates break outs in our skin causing acne, eczema and patches. Stress can be dealt by taking some steps like meditating, breathing exercises, laughing out, massaging and last but, not the least spending time with our loved ones. These measures taken help a lot in the improvement of our mind which in turns help the texture of our skin.

A happier person will always look good and satisfied in his/her skin.

The color of the complexion doesn’t matter it’s the freshness and shine of your skin that is considered. Try to be happy, healthy and contented from inside and definitely you will feel and look beautiful from the outside.

For further information on skin care routine watch my video on Mehreens corner on You Tube. Your skin is your property look after it in a proper manner and have a glowing skin.


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