Tips to Help Face Challenges with Courage

What it truly means to be Survival of the Fittest!

Take up life as a challenge.

These words are often heard by the people who are strong willed and know how to face the ups and downs.

The moment Adam and Eve were sent down to Earth they had to face the biggest challenge: survival on their own, and this is what we all have to face. Every one of us has to battle their own wars, be it choosing a right career or a life partner, choice has to be made and this is taking up a challenge.

Every day has become a challenge in this fast moving era so it is up to each one of us to draw back from it or face it with confidence and strength. Shying away from it leaves you a weaker person but standing up and facing what life has in store for you, builds a stronger you.

From a little child to an older person, we all are facing the challenges that God has destined for us. A baby has to cry to ask for his milk, if he doesn’t do so he can’t get what he requires and this is his challenge in life.

Similarly, a student has to face so many challenges at school from studies and exams, to being popular amongst his/her peers and even surviving the bullies, these are all a part and parcel of his/her survival. If he/she takes up the challenge then there is no limit to his/her strength. These qualities mold him into becoming a stronger person.

Some set goals for their careers, and to achieve such goals, they have to be strong willed, as the path to success is never easy. To achieve what you dream is a long challenging task, some get what they dream and some don’t. So the challenge here is to see how you get along the path.

Stand up, take the challenge and fight it.

A jobless person has a challenge to get employment and if he doesn’t struggle how can he survive? For his own existence and if he has a family to support, he must remain strong nerved so that he is prepared for any type of a situation and is able to fight through it.

An older person has to face health issues, these are his day to day challenges to stay fit. Maybe getting up for his walk is a challenge but if he is doing so he is being strong at his age.

Being lonely is one other test of the older age that we all have to face, but the bravery here is how we pass through it. Being depressed about it confines you in a shell, so stand up, take the challenge and fight it. Stop having pity on yourself and start doing chores that keep you occupied.

Age should never stop you from fighting your battles.

REMEMBER: Being steadfast is the key!

Perseverance takes you a long way in life. You can’t gain anything very quickly, the longer it takes to acquire your aim the lasting impact it would have. Try to remain calm and composed, whatever life has in store for you, you have to go through it no matter what.

We pass through different phases in our lives but how we face them is the real task. Passing through hurdles and obstacles makes you a stronger person. The individual who has faced hard times is more patient and determined. 

Failures and facing them courageously helps build steps to achieve what we aim for.


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