Trend of pick, drop service through conventional cabs declines

ISLAMABAD, Oct 2 (APP):Conventional pick and drop service in twin cities was hitting low after private online cab service providers went popular especially among women commuters.

Many females, who travel on daily basis between twin cities for work, have been using conventional cabs as conveyance for years were now shifting towards app-based taxi services.

Work of conventional taxi drivers was being replaced by these online services providers because women were preferring travel through those and they were easy to access and offered cheap rates more than often.

Ayesha Ali from Rawalpindi who works in a bank in F-7 sector of Islamabad told APP that finding a pick and drop car with economical rates has almost become impossible. “It was difficult to find a trust worthy driver to travel with on daily basis. Having online services makes it easier for me to call the cab whenever I want at my door step, she added.

Cultural barriers combine with inadequate transport services makes it difficult for women to come out for work, however, having conventional taxis were a way out for women until they became unaffordable, she added.

When asked, a cab driver Gul Khan in Abpara, said that it was becoming hard for us to earn livelihood as these app-based taxis were mostly targeting the students and office goers.

“Our main target groups were these daily bulk of students who use these apps who are now drifting away which was affecting our businesses”, he added.

He said mostly private cars were used for pick and drop services for the app-based cabs, businessmen and other influential people have now asked their drivers to earn money working for various app-based services which was increasing their customers day by day.

“On the other hand, app-based services use private cars and they can also enter into the Red Zone, where conventional cabs are not allowed. In other words, it is impossible for us to compete with app-based cabs,” he said.

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