Trudeau’s new policies after the coronavirus outbreak

23rd September 2020: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will unveil what he says is a far-reaching plan to help the economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic while ensuring efforts to fight the outbreak do not falter.

Justin Trudeau has always been outspoken about combating climate change. He is planning on a green revolution to avoid the export of fossil fuels as Canada faced a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

“The three prongs of what we are doing are fighting COVID-19, supporting Canadians, and resilient recovery,” said a government source who requested anonymity given the sensitivity of the situation.

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Trudeau’s speech from the Throne outlining the government’s plans in a confidence measure, in order to prevent elections and the toppling of the government he will need support from the opposition as well because his liberals have a minority in the house of commons.

In his favour are the left-leaning Democrats who have decided to support him. Trudeau became unpopular because of the way he had handled the pandemic.

However, polls suggest that there was a scandal about his close ties with a charity supporting student grants that damaged his position.

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Parliament is usually packed for the occasion but COVID-19 means few legislators will be present when Governor General Julie Payette – the representative of Queen Elizabeth, Canada’s head of state – delivers the speech at around 3 pm (1900 GMT).

Later on Wednesday, Trudeau plans to make a national address to address the urgency of fighting COVID-19.

Some sources predict that the Throne will consist of a policy plan supporting childcare and the expansion of employment insurance programs.

But it is also predicted that the plan will consist of environmental policies as well such as retrofitting buildings, boosting the use of electric vehicles to decrease the consumption of fossil fuels.

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