Trump’s loyalties lie with Russia: Joe Biden

Washington, 1st November: Trump’s presidential rival Joe Biden has revealed that Donald Trump is loyal to the Russian President.

Baaghi TV: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has called his Republican rival Donald Trump the Russian president’s loyal dog.

Speaking at an election rally in Michigan, Joe Biden said Trump cannot stop the people from voting in large numbers, the people will take back democracy, Trump will have to go home with a sack.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden said coronavirus would leave when Trump returns to his home. He said US President Trump also made fun of the United Nations and NATO.

Criticizing President Trump, Biden said that Donald Trump should have challenged the Russian president, but Trump remains Putin’s dog.

Former US President Barack Obama also addressed the rally participants and said that Donald Trump is running the presidency like a reality show.

The former US president said that the people are suffering severely from the deadly pandemic coronavirus as a result of Trump’s actions.

Barack Obama has said that Donald Trump will be the first president after Herbert Hoover to lose his job.

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