Turkey announces complete lockdown amid increasing coronavirus cases

Lahore, 27th April: With the coronavirus pandemic taking the grip of the world again, Turkey has announced a complete lockdown.

Amid third wave of coronavirus Turkey, a Muslim country on the brink of Europe has been forced into a complete lockdown across the country.

According to sources, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the implementation of lockdown in the country after a three-hour-long cabinet meeting.

After the meeting, Erdogan announced that a complete lockdown will be imposed in Turkey from April 29 to May 17.

Turkish President has announced that all businesses and markets will be completely closed for 20 days.

The Turkish Interior Ministry says only grocery stores will be allowed to open. Inter-provincial transport will be subject to government permission, and public transport will be provided to a limited number of people.

According to the instructions, people are required to stay indoors during the lockdown, and only those seeking medical treatment or any emergency will be allowed to leave the home.

In the last 24 hours, 37,312 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Turkey, while the virus caused 353 deaths.

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