Turkey Stands Firm Against Newly-Imposed Sanctions

15th December 2020: Turkey stands firm after the new sanctions by the US and the UK.

Baaghi TV: Turkey has reiterated that it will not back down from its goals in the face of unfair treatment by the United States and Europe.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has assured that his country will not relinquish its rights and interests for fear of European sanctions or criticism.

The move comes after the Greek Foreign Ministry welcomed US sanctions on Turkey. Washington has imposed the sanctions in response to Ankara’s purchase of a Russian air defence system (S-400) from Moscow.

Earlier, EU leaders agreed to impose limited sanctions on Turkish figures over their differences with Greece and Cyprus, due to Turkey’s persistence. However, they have postponed any major move in this regard till next March.

Greece’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday that its country, as a member of the NATO alliance, was “satisfied” with the statement.

 The US State Department said in a statement that it had imposed sanctions on the Turkish defence industry, its chief and other officials.

Greek Prime Minister Kariakos Metsutakis has called Turkey an “insecure” ally and a threat to NATO’s common peace.

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