Twitter tells how the 2021 Aurat Azadi March will look like?


Lahore, 23rd February: ‘Aurat Azadi March 2021’ has become the second-most top Twitter trend in Pakistan today. The Aurat Azadi March (Women Freedom Movement) is always held on Women’s Day i.e March 8 across Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Twitter is trending with mixed ideas and reviews by the netizens regarding the Aurat Azadi March in the year 2021.

Some Twitteratis shared their experiences and stood up for the Aurat March:

Someone pointed out that the women issue in Chitral is being addressed now because of the Aurat March:

A netizen wrote, “We’re glad to know that organizers of Aurat Azadi march have dedicated their march to the struggling women of Balochistan. No doubt, the anti-colonial struggle of these women is a way out to emancipate south Asia from Patriarchy and Imperialism.”

On the other hand, some users are totally against the so-called Aurat March:

A user also pointed out the hidden agenda of the Aurat March, saying, “When they have to show foreign NGO’s that their money is being invested in the right way #AuratAzadiMarch2021.”

There are some who shared memes regarding the Aurat Azadi March:

The winner no doubt is the picture being shared by many:

Meanwhile, a video on their official Twitter account ‘Aurat Azadi March Islamabad’ explains why women in Pakistan need the movement:

The Aurat Azadi March is based on Feminism, which should not be considered a dirty word people have made it to be. Feminism isn’t a man-hating movement that is meant to destroy the world.

Instead, it is a movement that is meant to promote equality and women having the same rights as everyone else in the community.

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