Underground weapons bunker captured Balochistan

The Levies conducted a raid on a tip off in Taftan, a town along the Pakistan-Iran border in Chaghi district, and discovered the bunker. They initially raided a home and, after interrogating and later arresting an Iranian national in the house, were informed about the bunker.

BALOCHISTAN: Deputy Commissioner of chaghi  Fateh Khan Khajjak said during the nighttime raid, they found 3,540 bullets, 250 grammes of explosives, 223 rifles, 117 packets of explosives, 52 packets of powder used to assembly suicide bomb jackets, 35 hand grenades and 28 bomb fuses.

They also found seven rocket fuses, seven rocket launchers, four remote controls, three batteries, satellite phone cables,, one mobile phone and three Iranian SIMs, two cars, parts of a light machine gun and bullet casings.

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