US calls for action against all those who support Taliban

A bill on Afghanistan has been introduced in the US Senate, calling for action against all those who support the Taliban.

US Senator Marco Rubio, along with Senator Jim Risch and 20 others, introduced the Anti-Terrorism, Surveillance and Accountability Bill for Afghanistan.

The bill, introduced by Republican senators, calls for action against those who support the Taliban and to identify states and non-state actors that support the Taliban, including Pakistan, and which countries sided with the Taliban or any kind of help provided.

It asks which countries, including Pakistan, provided diplomatic, economic, and security assistance to the Taliban. How did the Pakistani government help the Taliban from 2001 to 2020? What assistance was provided to the Taliban, including shelters, training, and planning?

The bill further calls for state and non-state actors, including Pakistan, to be involved in the Taliban’s takeover.

It goes on to state that the Taliban did not meet the terms of the Doha agreement and that if the bill is passed, a report on Afghanistan will be submitted in three months’ time.

The US senators’ bill also calls for the creation of a special task force on Afghanistan, while directing the task force to arrange for the evacuation of US citizens and allies remaining in Afghanistan.

It also calls for sanctions against the Taliban for human rights abuse and for effective counter-terrorism measures in the war-torn nation.

Senator Jim Risch says the Taliban’s rise to power could strengthen Al-Qaeda and ISIS presence in Afghanistan.

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