US, COVID-19 and Economic Instability

The outbreak which started in China, in late 2019 spread across the globe by March of 2020 leading to the decision by the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare it a “global pandemic”.

The number of deaths have crossed 5,000 in Pakistan alone while, India is also currently in the Top 10 index of countries affected by the novel virus. Experts and medical professionals are striving to come up with a vaccine and/or medicine that could help the world and put an end to the global death toll.

Meanwhile, the United States (US) under leadership of Donald Trump, has attempted to aggressively seek advantages for itself. From declaring COVID-19 a Chinese manufactured virus to provoking India at the Ladakh border against the Chinese troops.

COVID-19 & the Global Economies

So far, the US has attempted to threaten China with “economic consequences”, cause commotion across Afghanistan and tempt India towards aggressive action, all since the outbreak.

Moreover, global institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other organizations that deal in financial matters have also prospered under the guise of helping out. By lending future loans to struggling and/or poor countries, they are causing further debt and financial instability in the long run.

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