US Elections 2020: India not worried about who wins the race

New Delhi, 1st  November: Whether it is President Trump or Joe Biden, India has no worries, policies are not made by the governments but by the US establishment. The US think tank and Indian defence analysts have the same answer.

According to sources, US experts in this regard say that no matter what happens to the president in the United States will not make a difference in the relations between India and the United States, it is also believed that no president can make decisions on his own.

On the other hand, American experts say that the policy of the United States is not the president’s own but the powerful American establishment which keeps an eye on the world situation at all times and then sets its goals accordingly.

On the other hand, Indian defence officials are satisfied that whatever government comes to power in the event of an election in the United States does not affect relations between the United States and India. India is a major ally of the United States in the region.

Indian officials also claim that the United States needs India, not a vice versa. They also say that India is a US pawn in the region, so how can the United States ignore India.

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