US Elections: Four women win big

Washington, 4th November: The squad of Spanish, Arab, Somali and African women has won in the US Elections.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Alexandria Ocasio and Ayana Presley, who fought the US president’s racist attacks, have once again won their seats, US media have reported with big headlines.

Despite strong criticism from Donald Trump, all four women in the Senate have made a clean sweep. Ilhan Omar, the veiled Muslim leader of the American Democratic Party, has given a clear answer to the critics by getting 64% of the votes from Minnesota.

Rashida Talib, a Muslim woman of Palestinian descent from the US state of Michigan, also retained her victory with 67 per cent of the vote. Rashida Talib was the first female Muslim member of the Michigan Assembly to be elected in 2008.

Alexandria Ocasio, who has been running against President Trump for four years, also won her seat from New York with 68 per cent of the vote.

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