US: Killer sentenced to death after 2 decades with strange method of execution

WASHINGTON: The U.S. Department of Justice has reportedly set a date for the execution of a 63-year-old woman and her granddaughter two decades later.

Liz Mand Mitchell, a 38-year-old member of the Navajo Nation, will be sentenced to death by the Justice Department on August 26, according to Reuters. It should be noted that this will be the fourth federal execution this summer after 17 years.

Leismond Mitchell killed Alice Salem and her 9-year-old granddaughter on October 28, 2001, while snatching a car in Arizona. Mitchell Mitchell will be sentenced to death by lethal injection at Terry Hotty Prison in Indiana. In the United States, almost two decades later, a criminal was executed by lethal injection.

Federal prosecutors said Liz Mund Mitchell and his accomplice first stabbed the woman to death and then the killer placed the body in the back seat of the vehicle, covering a distance of about 40 miles.

Mitchell Mitchell placed the body in the back seat, where his 9-year-old granddaughter was also present. The killer later ordered the girl out of the vehicle and killed her as well.

According to the Justice Department, the murderer later pleaded guilty, while his partner, Johnny Orsinger, 35, is serving time in a federal prison in Atlanta.

Mitchell Mitchell was due to be sentenced to death in December last year, but the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the execution in order to resolve the appeal.

It may be recalled that on June 17, the US Attorney General had issued orders to the Federal Bureau of Prisoners (FBI) to execute the death sentence of the perpetrators of serious crimes after 17 years.

Daniel Lewis, 47, was sentenced to death by lethal injection in the United States on July 17 after nearly two decades.

Daniel Lewis killed all members of a family in Arkansas in the 1990s in order to settle the only white nation in the Northwest Pacific.

It should be noted that the Trump administration had planned to start executing the death penalty with highly poisonous injection but the court had issued a restraining order.

However, the Trump administration succeeded in April when the U.S. District Court for the Columbia Circuit overturned a district judge’s order suspending the execution of all four convicts.

In most US states, only one person administers the toxic injection to inmates, and in some places machines were used, but due to technical glitches, it was discontinued.

Pentahole is commonly used for toxic injections, which are also commonly used to anesthetize patients during surgery, but the dose is kept at 150 mg, while for death row inmates. This amount is 5,000 mg, while potassium chloride and other poisons are also used.

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