Veena Malik Speaks Out In Support Of PM Khan

LAHORE (12th Oct, 2019): Beautiful Pakistani actress, Veena Malik has spoken out in support of Prime Minister Imran Khan over ‘Soup Kitchen’ initiative.

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According to details, Veena Malik on Saturday took to Twitter and shared a series of tweets related to the government’s soup kitchen initiative. In her first tweet, she wrote “The govt’s soup kitchen initiative was a need of the time. Can’t really understand the baseless criticism on it. All it shows [is] that the state is taking care of the needy and hungry #SaturdayThoughts”.

She further wrote, “We follow the great religion where as Muslims we are even responsible to see if our neighbours had food. How can one not appreciate that the state is standing up for the weak #SaturdayThoughts”.

Reportedly, while praying for PM Imran Khan she further added, “For those who are criticising the gesture, I can only pray that may you and your family never sleep hungry. All duas for PM @ImranKhanPTI. Good going captain, stay strong and stay blessed. We are with U! #SaturdayThoughts”. 

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