WATCH: Police officer pulls man from car seconds before train hits it

Utah (17th Oct, 2019): A quick-thinking Utah police official pulled an unconscious driver out of car in the path of a train seconds before it smashed into it.

A dramatic dashcam video posted by the Utah Highway Patrol on their official Twitter account  showed that a police cop Ruben Correa with his torch scrambling up an unconscious man in the dark as the train coming towards a car parked on the tain track.

“It looks like the vehicle’s on top of the tracks,” Police Officer said into his radio as he reached the car with the train bearing down on them.

“Let’s go! Get out of here! We’ve got a train coming! We’ve got a train coming! We’ve got a train coming,” he said the man as the train sounds its horn.

Correa pulled the man out of car just seconds before the train hits the car, and two rolled down the embankment. The train then stopped.

The cop was responding to a call about a car on the tracks early Wednesday in Centerville, Utah, when he heard the train coming.

“I heard the horn from a train, I looked to my left and I was able to observe that train was coming pretty fast, anywhere between 50 and 80 miles an hour,”

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