What is discrimination? Who are the most affected by it in society?

BaaghiTV: Maryam Mirza said that parents think of educating their daughters well so that their relationship is good.
Now this thinking should be changed. Your daughter will take you forward. It is better to think that the daughter has to go to the next house, but get the girl to stand on her own feet first. 

Actress Sofia Mirza said that those who are dependent on their husbands do not get divorced. They are trained in the same way. It should be noted that this idea is completely wrong and it is the worst “difference” that is made between sons and daughters that sons are the owners of our house, it is their property, daughters will get married. It should end. Girls want to move forward but they are under pressure from family members. They are not allowed to move forward.


And the mindset of the sons is made that if they discriminate, no one will leave it, the next one will get a new one, whereas in the case of the daughter, it is said that no, if you end the marriage or return to your parents’ house, then society What to say? Four come to the right of marriage but its rights are duties and they have a different concept.

Actress and model Sofia Mirza says that in society, girls also have the right to get equal rights with boys. Actress Sofia Mirza spoke openly on “Discrimination” between men and women in the society in the program “Let’s Talk” started with her sister Maryam Mirza on her YouTube channel.

The actress said that discrimination is present in all sections of the society, families and even everywhere. However, it is the girls who are most affected. They should not leave home. They should not work. They should read and write and marry their daughters.

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