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Baaghi TV: A social media man with good followers was cursing a picture of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, saying that the luxurious prince lay down in front of Israel and recognized Israel.

We made two or three comments and found out that the social media man considered UAE and Saudi Arabia to have become one country.

We also have a tragedy that those who should have read are writing and such geniuses are flourishing again. Many do not even know that Dubai is the city of the UAE or if UAE is the city of Dubai. Some consider Dubai to be the city of Saudi Arabia.

There are intellectuals who consider the whole of Arabia to be Saudi Arabia, so whatever happens in any Arab country, they throw rubble on Saudi Arabia. The target is Saudi Arabia.

However, if we talk about Arab countries, there are 22 countries in total, out of which 12 continents are located in Asia while 10 continents are located in Africa.

It is not even religiously and morally correct for you to put all the sins of the Arabs on the head of Saudi Arabia without any research and without any knowledge.

Israel is recognized by the UAE, not Saudi Arabia. If you intend to read instead of write, we will tell you that Saudi Arabia is the only country in the Arab world that has so far opposed Israel.

Above all, it has taken an aggressive stance and, above all, has provided practical assistance to the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia made the announcement after the creation of Israel. It called her a usurper and decided not to recognize Israel.

Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country whose King King Faisal said that if the whole Arab world recognizes Israel, Saudi Arabia will not recognize it.

In the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the late Malik Abdulaziz sent his nation’s strong men and soldiers to the front to fight, giving them broken guns, rifles, and weapons.

Saudi Arabia cut off oil to Britain, France and Western powers in the 1956 war. When they threatened to throw Saudi Arabia into the Stone Age then Malik Faisal had said a historical sentence that
I don’t care about your threats. My ancestors lived in the desert. They lived on camel’s milk. If I had to make this sacrifice for the sake of Palestine, we would make this sacrifice. We will also enjoy hunger with honor and dignity.

Saudi Arabia was involved in this war with its people and property. The oil spill by Western powers cost Saudi Arabia $ 350 million. In this war, Saudi Arabia offered its territory for attacks against Israel, provided 20 fighter jets, and several princes. Including Malik Salman and Malik Fahd, took part in the war.

Saudi Arabia also participated in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war with all its resources. Officers and soldiers of the Saudi army were martyred in this war. Among them is the name of Saudi Lieutenant Rashid bin Amir Al Ghafili who courageously killed dozens of Israelis and martyred.

In the 1973 war, 3,000 Saudi troops took part. This time, Saudi Arabia also cut off oil supplies to the United States. The US Secretary of State fled to Saudi Arabia to seek an exemption from other Western countries, but Saudi Arabia refused.

If we talk about the political role of Saudi Arabia, then Saudi Arabia raised the issue of Palestine in every forum, including the United Nations, and fully advocated for the Palestinians.

In 1979, the United States signed the Treaty of Camp David in which Egypt recognized Israel. Saudi Arabia then severed diplomatic ties with Egypt for eight years only because of Palestine.

When it comes to financial aid and cooperation for the Palestinian nation, Saudi Arabia was the first country to open its doors to the Palestinians.

Millions of Palestinians live in Saudi Arabia The city of Jeddah alone is home to three million Palestinians.

Without exaggeration, if there is one country that has financed the Palestinians the most, it is Saudi Arabia, the details are too long. The figures of the last fifteen to twenty years alone are enough to open your eyes.

In 2009, when Gaza was besieged and the whole world was relying on word of mouth, Saudi Arabia stepped in and provided $1 billion in emergency aid. The money and aid sent by the Saudi nation is different.

In 2013, when Palestine was struggling economically, Saudi Arabia provided $100 million in aid.

$500 million in aid in 2014.

$800 million in aid in 2016.

Saudi Arabia has launched the largest landmark program to resettle Palestinians in Gaza, including the construction of houses, markets, hospitals, schools and mosques. The program consisted of three phases.

752 buildings were constructed with all facilities. The program was completed in 2015, with 760 buildings in the second phase and 780 in the third.

Now tell me for yourself, what more can a country that has neither a nuclear power nor a strong army do?

A few months ago, the Saudi foreign minister told CNN in no uncertain terms that “we stand by our principled position on Israel, which has never changed since day one.”

So far, Saudi Arabia has not recognized Israel, nor has it relaxed its policy on the assumption that Saudi Arabia may recognize Israel in the near future. You have started abusing in advance. Where is the justice?

The point is that there is a class that is against because of the monotheistic state of Saudi Arabia. They are engaged in propaganda day and night. My open challenge to them is to show their practical work on the issue of Palestine, which you are advocating in the morning and evening, more than Saudi Arabia. I will leave Facebook forever.

By Firdous Jamal

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