What is the voting procedure for Senate elections?


What is the voting procedure in the Provincial Assemblies, for Senate elections?

For the election of representatives of the Upper House of the Parliament (Senate of Pakistan), voting also takes place in the Provincial Assemblies, but this procedure is very different from stamping a single party symbol.

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Members of the Provincial Assemblies can vote for all Senate candidates in the general, technocrat and women-only seats but on each ballot paper, the winning candidate is determined by the number he or she has been selected for. The most important role in this process is played by the candidate who gets the most votes. The candidate who gets more votes than the required quota is declared successful in the first round while his additional votes are transferred to the candidate who is in the second priority.

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Regional Election Commissioner Nadeem Haider says the number of votes required to win provincial assemblies under the formula varies. Members who do not care about these details often have their votes rejected. Nadeem Haider says that the single transferable vote formula was invented by the British mathematician Thomas Wright Hill in 1819.

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