Whole India has rejected controversial Citizenship Act: Buzdar

LAHORE, Dec 23 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Monday that whole India had vehemently rejected most controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 and all Indian nationals had been agitating against the worst law.

He said in a media statement issued here that the controversial law once again exposed the tainted face of so-called secular India.

He termed Narendra Modi, Hitler of today and said that his fascist designs of Muslim genocide have revived the painful memories of nazism, regretting that the Modi government turned India into a hell for Indian Muslims.

The CM mentioned that so-called claimants of democracy had ruined all the democratic norms as well as human rights and even the conscious Indians were also agitating against this controversial law.

Buzdar said that the Modi government was playing with fire and it would succumb to the fire of hegemonic fanaticism, as every civilized society had strongly condemned this controversial Indian law.

Modi’s agenda was leading India towards destruction and devastation, he observed.

The CM regretted that Kashmiris were going through the most difficult phase and were living a most miserable life due to continued lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) for the last 141 days.

He cited that India had made the lives of oppressed Kashmiris a living hell through state-sponsored terrorism, and Kashmiris were facing shortage of medicines and essential items due to continued curfew.

Buzdar lamented that India was trying to enslave the people of Occupied Kashmir by using undemocratic tactics but Kashmiris had continued the freedom struggle with their blood while facing worst oppressions, barbarity and torture.

He said that all Indian tactics had failed in silencing the Kashmiris’ voices and the entire world knew that India illegally occupied Jammu & Kashmir through military aggression.

Buzdar vowed that Pakistan would never leave oppressed people of IOK alone and whole Pakistani nation and government were standing firm with their Kashmiri brethren and they would continue with all moral and diplomatic support for them, and sacrifices of the Kashmiris would soon bear fruit.

“The humanity is in pain in Occupied Kashmir and the silence of international community is deplorable, and there is no justification of its silence over Indian gruesome brutalities. The international conscience will have to be awakened against blatant human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir,” he added.

The chief minister added that continuing Indian provocations at the Line of Control (LoC) were a looming threat as jingoist India was bent upon destroying peace in South Asia.

Pakistan strongly condemns aggressive designs of Modi government and India should not remain in any misunderstanding about it because 220 million Pakistanis were firmly standing with their armed forces having fullest capability to give a befitting response to any aggression. “We will not compromise over the honour, security and prestige of our motherland,” he made it clear.

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