Demi Moore Opens up About Ashton Kutcher

Why has Moore decided to open up about her Ex now?

Hollywood veteran, Demi Moore, has recently stated that her former partner, Ashton Kutcher had cheated on her and admitted to it as well.

According to details, Demi Moore has revealed that she learned via Google Alert of her ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher’s infidelity. She added that when she asked him about it, “he admitted it right away.” Reports confirm that she decided to open about the dark period (she has faced after her break-up with Kutcher) in her new book,“Inside Out: A Memoir”.


Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Relationship:

It started when Demi Moore ended her relationship with her then husband, Bruce Willis in 2000. The two had been together for almost 11 years before their separation. Moore made headlines for being in a relationship in 2003 with tabloids reporting that this time Moore has chosen to be with a younger man.

In 2003, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were spotted in a New York based restaurant, having dinner together. This was their first meeting, when they allegedly talked for hours. Moore had once again graced the headlines with her new relationship with Ashton. Moore’s daughter Rumor Willis also confirmed her mom’s new relationship at the time.

Moreover, during the time the two dated, Kutcher had joked about being a step dad to Moore’s three children from her marriage to Willis.

After two years of dating, the love birds finally married in 2005. The wedding was held under strict security and was attended by only 150 people. Although Bruce Willis and Demi Moore may have gotten a divorce, yet Willis reportedly welcomed Kutcher with an open heart.

The big happy family was spotted at Hollywood premieres together on many occasions.

The wedding was held under strict security but their relationship went public as both of them posted pictures of each other on social media. Moore even took the handle @mrskutcher and and ever since then it had been a roller coaster of cute pics on Twitter and sound bites. She posted pictures of Ashton Kutcher with the caption “My Cute Hubby”.

Consequently, when 2010 rolled around, instead of celebrating their five year’s anniversary, they were battling rumors that Ashton had a one-night-stand with a woman named Brittney Jones. Besides these rumors the couple remained bright on Twitter as Moore continued posting pictures of her Kutcher.

2011 was the year when they finally separated from each other. Postings on Twitter started dying down, and they were spending more time apart. Once again Kutcher was reportedly sleeping with a woman, this time with Sara Leal and the evidence was reportedly more incriminating.

Moreover, on the 17th of November, Moore announced her plans to leave the actor. “With a heavy heart and great sadness I have decided to end my six year marriage to Ashton”.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Relationship:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are considered to be one of the most iconic couples of Hollywood. The couple who share two kids are living happily. As is popularly documented, the first time they met was as castmates forThat 70’s Show in 1998. After seven seasons ofThat 70’s Show, Kutcher did not renew his contract for the eighth season and left the show.

After his divorce from Demi Moore who is 16 years his senior, Kutcher caught-up with Mila Kunis at the 69th Golden Globe Awards. While meeting with the old friend, Mila Kunis stated “Ashton is someone that I had known forever.” After this meeting Ashton Kutcher invited her to his Housewarming Party and she reportedly accepted the offer, as confirmed by media reports at the time.

Additionally, it had been reported that in early 2012, both the actors had started hooking up regularly. They were getting close to each other. On 30 september, 2014 Mila gave birth to daughter, Wyatt Isabelle in Los Angeles. After a three years long relationship, they finally tied the knot on the 4th of July 2015. 


Demi Moore’s Memoir:

Demi Moore is currently suffering from great depression after her break up with Ashton Kutcher. “I lost me,” the 56 year old star stated.

According to reports, she has decided to open up about the dark period in her new book,“Inside Out: A Memoir”. In the book, she briefly explains that she is drinking alcohol and using Vicodin, for the extreme physical and emotional turmoil that she has endured since her breakup from Kutcher. Reports confirm, that her turmoil includes dropping to 102 pounds as well as her relationship with her daughters.

While talking to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Moore said “I have talked to Ashton, and I don’t think it should be implied that he instigated, itwas in my efforts to want to please and be what I thought he wanted.”

Ashton Kutcher’s Reaction:

Since reports have come forward about Moore’s claims against her former partner, Kutcher has also taken to Twitter to present his reaction to the news.

In a recent Tweet on his official account, Ashton Kutcher has responded that while he was about to post a “really snarky tweet” he stopped when he saw his “son, daughter, and wife”.


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