Why ‘Jo Tu Chahay’ hasn’t been airing after the 10th episode?

'Jo Tu Chahay' was earlier titled as 'Kun Faya Kun'

Hum TV drama serial ‘Jo Tu Chahay’ hasn’t been airing for weeks and no official statement was issued as the reason. The drama serial was earlier titled as ‘Kun Faya Kun’  which raised issues with the name.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) notified the channel for drama’s title, following which, it was changed to first title’s Urdu translation.

It seems like even after the name changing, still PEMRA is ‘not satisfied’ therefore, making the serial to get off-air. Also, its episodes have also been missing from YouTube.

The drama serial features Imran Abbas, Zarnish Khan, Alizeh Shah, Nargis Rasheed, Mohsin Gillani, Azra Manzoor Hussain and Naima Khan. The story revolved around an orphan girl Mishal played by Alizeh Shah, who had been facing hurdles in her life at every step and miraculously, gets a better reward for Sabr (patience) advised by her grandmother. Her uncles are kind and affectionate, however, their wives dislike her. Mishal is seen taking interest in Hashir; played by Imran Abbas. It is a love story drama serial and maybe, that’s the reason, the title wasn’t suitable referring to the religious point.

It had been going on-air every Thursday.

This is just a guess as not any official statement have been issued. Few reports say that the drama will be on air again in coming weeks.

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