Wife kills husband, daughter accompanied

Man wanted to molest daughter when drunk

A 55-year-old man killed by his wife and daughter as he wanted to sexually abuse daughter Arbiya in Karachi;s Sarjani Town.

Police arrested the murderers, wife named Shama and daughter named Arbiya who reportedly claimed that the deceased named Iqbal tried to sexually abuse Arbiya several times.

Arbiya had come with her children to meet parents however, the victim sent her children out and started to force her for heinous act. Furthermore, it was also mentioned in the confession that he used to stay drunk and high with other drugs too. On the night of his murder, he was in unconscious state as well.

During further investigation, Shama told that Arbiya started to fight back to avoid the abuse and in this fight, mirrors and glasses were broken which injured Iqbal.

Arbiya confessed that her father tried to molest her few months back. She stabbed the knife until he died, she added.

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