Will Biden be able to stem the sinking US economy? A report

Washington, 19th November: Will Joe Biden be able to stem the sinking US economy and COVID-19? The Economists has given out a detailed report.

Baaghi TV: Leading news websiteThe Economist has quoted Mark Kelly and other experts as saying that the first issue facing US President-elect Joe Biden is dealing with is the devastation done by COVID-19. If he manages to control the outbreak, the US economy will surely recover.

On the other hand, the newspaper also says that due to coronavirus, the unemployment rate in the country has increased a lot at the moment, and controlling this unemployment will also be a challenge for Biden.

Mark Kelly says the United States is having a hard time getting the new US president into the mainstream at a time of crisis, but it is clear that Joe Biden is a more resilient man than Trump and understands the problems of Americans.

According to the newspaper, Joe Biden will have to change his foreign policy, but this can only be done with the permission of the Pentagon. It has also been said that Joe Biden has a greater interest in the Pentagon because he prefers the instructions of American institutions.

According to Mark Kelly, the United States now has to deal with Afghanistan, China and the Middle East, as well as Iran, and it is hoped that the Biden administration will be able to overcome these problems to a large extent.

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