Will Modi be the last Indian PM?

Lahore, 30th June: India is a bad neighbor and has a strategy to keep fidgeting with powerful countries and suppress the weaker ones.

Mubasher Lucman today exposed the malicious strategies of our neighboring country India. The video posted on Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube Channel clearly states that the Indian media and Modi are not sharing the right facts with their public. The border condition is much hotter and worse than what Indian Media poses.


Let there be no confusion and the Indian public should know that their media and Modi are bad losers and liars. Reportedly, China has recently taken three more strategic locations and killed two more Indian soldiers.

Modi is a political orphan now

Indian troops have increased the number and movement in occupied Kashmir and Ladakh. The school and college buildings are taken over as military bases. Kashmir public is not terrified but they are optimistic that time is right for their independence.

India is putting up a stunt of military exercise with Japan and boosting the presence of the American Navy fleet and aircraft to pressurize China and give the impression that America is standing behind them.

This is called living in a fool’s paradise. India is just a puppet used by America for the fulfillment of American interests. India is not a NATO member nor does it have any agreement with America through which America gets obliged to fight for India.

China says final border between Palestine, Israel to be drawn through peaceful negotiations

So India has to take a realistic approach and understand that China is not a small country rather it is a superpower and that to a potent one and all should know that if America jumps in then it will be international warfare.

Indian trade minister has issued a statement that Chinese trade containers stuck at the Indian ports will be more damaging for the Indian economy and business rather than Chinese. The material stuck is required by the Indian businessmen and the alternatives are not available.

India behind PSE attack: Imran Khan

Nepal Prime Minister has also exposed the Indian government and Modi’s motive, he informed that India has been involved in the movement against Nepal’s prime minister and his government.

Mubasher Lucman stated that Nepalese is a proud nation and India will not succeed in finding traitors in Nepal who will sell their conscience and topple the current government.

Lucman expressed that we are fully aware of the meetings at Indian councils and different hotels. Kathmandu will standby the moral and strategic decision taken by the Nepal government and they do not care for Indian distress and anger but they will not stand down from their claim on the territory occupied by India.

Modi is a stubborn and biased leader, now let’s see if he understands. Or will he become the last Indian Prime Minister?

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