World Sikh Federation asks Sikh soldiers to refrain from the BJP onslaught against minorities.

Diljit Singh, head of World Sikh Federation lashes out at BJP government for abrogating the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution and appealed to the Indian Sikh soldiers to refrain from following the orders of BJP aimed at onslaught against innocent Kashmiris.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Sardar Dilijit Singh, president of the World Sikh Federation, rejected the decision of Indian government of abrogating the Article 370 and 35-A of the Indian Constitution, which has allowed special status of the Indian Occupied Kashmir. He has appealed to the Sikh soldiers, employed in Indian security forces to refrain from any onslaught against the innocent and unarmed Kashmiris. In his video message to the Sikhs, he said whenever any conflict arises, the Indian governments deploys Sikh soldiers at the front-line. Due to which, the other nations hatred against Sikh community increases and the Sikh soldiers should realize this and refrain from becoming a party to any such misadventure.

He lashed out at Modi regime, which has forcefully deprived the innocent Kashmiris of their legitimate right to self determination. The manner in which the Constitutional amendment was passed from the Indian parliament, has exposed the nefarious intentions of the Modi government and how the Modi government is treating the minorities residing in the India.


He expressed his fear, today this happened with the Kashmiris and who knows tomorrow it will happen with whom. Perhaps, the Sikh nation might be treated in such odious manner in future. He further added, the right to independence is not a sin, and it is the sovereign right of any nation according to the charter of United Nations. Kashmiris are right in their demand of independence from the Indian rule. Sikhs also demand independence from the Indian rule.

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