YouTube, Google Services Back in Pakistan


Lahore, 14th December: The services of ‘YouTube’ and ‘Google’ went down in many countries on Monday.

According to the latest report by Baaghi TV, the services which had been affected badly across the world, have now been resumed.

People from Pakistan report that services in many cities have been resumed except for some northern areas of the country, which are still facing the problem.

According to the earlier report of Baaghi TV, multiple Google services and websites including YouTube, Gmail, Google Assistant, and Google Docs have been hit with a widespread outage.

YouTube services around the world have been affected, making it difficult for users to search for various videos. The reason for the disruption of the services is not yet known.

However, all the services including Google, Gmail and YouTube are now working countrywide.

Pakistan’s renowned journalist and anchor Mubasher Lucman tweeted on his official Twitter account to inform the people.

He wrote, “YouTube is back in Lahore….Hope the matter is resolved for all of you as well???”

Earlier, Mubasher Lucman tweeted:

He informed, “It is now confirmed that YouTube is down Internationally. This has to be a unique service glitch in its entire time of operation. Such is the usage of this wonderful service that we all use it without thinking of the effort that must go behind to keep it afloat.”

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YouTube and Gmail Services down!

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