Zahir Jaffer murder trial: Reports reveal how father of accused attempted to cover up the crime

Aug 13, 2021: The father of the alleged killer and rapist, Zahir Jaffer, is said to have tried to present the murder as an accident during a robbery attempt, the latest investigation revealed on Thursday, which led to some important leads in the case.

Officials investigating the case have found that Zakir Jaffer sought the help of some family friends / acquaintances to inform the police about the attempted robbery and the murder at his home in Islamabad. “I got a call from Zakir Jaffar who said that there was a robbery at my house in Islamabad. The robbers have taken paintings, valuable jewelery etc. They have killed my son Zahir Jaffar. Please help us.” A family friend told Geo News on condition of anonymity.

This happened shortly after Noor’s murder, he revealed.

“Zakir again called me soon after the tragedy happened. My son also killed a robber at the Jaffer House. How can we get rid of it [murder] by linking it with the robbery attempt,” added the family friend quoting Zakir as saying.

“Zahir lied to his father and did not tell about Noor’s murder,” revealed the friend.

Shortly after the calls, Ismat Jaffar spoke to the same family friend, seeking his help as a lawyer to fight the murder, with the court of law, investigators and officials familiar with the preliminary results. But an investigator said the family friend declined assistance.

At the very least, two family friends and three acquaintances of Jaffar’s family confirmed to Geo News that their parents (Zakir and Asmat) called them repeatedly and during this critical time (6pm to 9:30 pm). Asked on the day of the murder. For help on how to turn this tragedy into a robbery. Another family friend, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Geo News that the parents apparently tried to save their son despite the fact that they punished him on July 8, 2021 for drug use and misconduct.

Investigators further revealed that there was no contact between the father and the son since July 8, 2021.

After a 12-day break, Zahir spoke to his father four hours before the murder. His son and family friend, a cyber security firm, a security company, acquaintances and some important influential people.

Investigators added that the parents were in Karachi to celebrate Eid. Investigators said Zahir spoke with his father for 18 minutes and then with his mother for 23 minutes after 3:30 pm on July 20.

The parents were staying in Clifton, Karachi that day. Then Zakir Jafar talked to his wife Ismat Jafar and both the family friends and the evangelist killer Noor Makadam were engaged. According to investigators, Zakir spoke to a friend in Karachi at 6:16 pm and asked for his help in looking into the murder case at Jaffar House.

According to investigators, Zakir Jaffar made about two dozen communications at the time of the murder while walking around the Bihar Muslim Cooperative Housing Society.

“Zahir Zakir also informed his mother at 6:37pm that some robbers had entered the Jaffer House. They have tortured him and stolen some antique paintings from the house. He called his mother twice for three minutes,” revealed another family friend who was in contact with the parents.

“Zahir’s mother [Asmat], after receiving the calls from her son, made three attempts to contact ‘KG’ but her calls went unattended. Then Zahir again called his mother at 6:42pm and this call lasted for five minutes. He told his mother he fought the dacoits and killed one of them,” a family friend quoted Asmat as telling him after the murder. This family friend wanted to remain anonymous too.

That’s when the parents enlisted the help of Phoenix Security Pvt. Ltd. The murder took place between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm on July 20, according to 7:09 p.m. Ismat made at least one phone call to the head of the Triumph Information Security System at 7:12 p.m.

Investigators further revealed that the parents spoke to the head of a security firm 10 times between 7pm and 11:30 pm immediately after the incident, asking for his help in dealing with the murder. “These are completely wrong results. What some people are saying is wrong because I have nothing to do with this [Noor Makadam] murder.”

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