Zara Abid’s first and last short film, Sikka released on YouTube.


Due to the Karachi plane crash many precious lives were lost and one of them was the famous model, Zara Abid. Zara indeed is a great loss to the fashion industry.

In the beginning of her modelling career she was discriminated for her darker tone as the industry preferred models with lighter tone. But with the immense talent Zara had and her constant hard work she became the face of number of renowned brands in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, the immensely talented Zara Abid, who had just begun to explore her many talents, passed away in the fatal plane crash on May 22nd 2020 in Karachi. As a number of tributes began to pour in for Zara, with fond memories shared by her fellow colleagues, the team for the short film Zara had worked in, also decided to release the film as a tribute to the model.

Sikka, features Zara Abid in the lead role with voice over by Saba Qamar. Sikka, narrates the story of two women living two diametrically opposite lives but connecting on the same level. Talking about the rut of repetitive life that we all live, Sikka highlights how women, who sacrifice way too much to be able to live a life equal to men, but less fulfilling on so many scales, are often misunderstood and underestimated.

The short film is directed and written by Ahmed Sarym. The film was recently released on YouTube.


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