10 times you realize not just to follow blindly

You only had one job

There are few moments in life when you realise that you shouldn’t just follow anything blinldly but do have to keep senses awake.

They took “Sharing is caring” way too serious.

Okay! Now this is what I call a real confusion.

So this is when you use phrase ‘playing with someone’s life’.

Left? Right.Rest in Peace!

I hope you don’t burn your fingers while holding the cup.

Imagine! A beautiful lady ready for prom opens it without noticing and her makeup, oh my God, Don’t scream! Just stay awake.

‘So, you complaining me about my math?’

Is it something like ‘thirst’?

I never came to know what to do with such lines on road?

Literally! When you only had one job to do.

Bonus: Yes, these traffic lights stop the wall from breaking rules.

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