2240 bags of sugar seized


Lahore: The Rahim Yar Khan administration has seized 2240 bags of sweetener that were being transported out of the province.

The seized sugar will be sold at the officially-fixed rate in the market. The three truckloads of sweetener heading towards Balochistan were impounded at Kot Sabzal check-post on October 16.

After checking the necessary documents, the authorities got the sugar bags unloaded and released the vehicles.



It is pertinent to mention here that sugar crisis has again emerged as two different type of sugar is being sold in the market.


Imported sugar is being sold at Rs 90 per kg while locally manufactured sugar is aval8ble in the market for Rs 110.


The poor quality of sugar that consist of small grains is being associated with the government’s imported sugar while the second type of sugar which consist of large grains is being associated with the local dealers.

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