23 Police Personnel at IG Sindh’s residence tested corona positive


A total of 23 police personnel posted at the official residence of Inspector General (IG) Sindh Police have contracted coronavirus.

According to details, 79 police personnel including Saeed Abad of Police Training Center and SHO of Shahra-e-Noorjahan Police Station have also been tested positive for coronavirus.

According to police sources, corona virus tests of about 23 police personnel posted on various duties at the official residence of Inspector General of Police in Bath Island area of ​​Karachi have come positive. According to sources, the police personnel include the police chief’s gunmen, guards, drivers and others.

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According to sources, all these police personnel have been isolated and corona virus free personnel have been deployed in their place while disinfectant spraying is also being carried out at the residence. 21 police officers and personnel including SHO of Shahra-e-Noorjahan police station in Central District of Karachi have also been diagnosed with Corona virus.

Shaukat Ali Khatian, Principal, Police Training Center, Saeedabad, said that more than 400 officers and personnel of Sindh Police are on various courses at PTC Saeedabad who are on leave due to corona virus.He said that 79 police personnel, including two DSPs, inspectors and sub-inspectors on administrative duty at the center, tested positive for the corona virus. These employees have been isolated.

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It is to be noted that 758 police officers and personnel of the province have fallen victim to corona virus while the number of those who have recovered is 194 and 8 police personnel have died.

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