3 dead, 8 injured in shooting at Michigan high school

3 dead, 8 injured in shooting at Michigan high school

Dec 1, 2021: A 15-year-old boy is in custody after a shooting at an Oxford, Michigan high school on Tuesday afternoon killed three students and injured eight, officials said.

The Oxford High School student killed Tate Meyer, 16, Hannah St. Juliana, 14, and Madison Baldwin, 17, according to Auckland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Bouchard said eight others – seven students and a teacher – were shot. The condition of three is critical, including a 14-year-old girl who is on a ventilator after surgery. Bouchard said the condition of a 14-year-old boy who was shot in the jaw and head was critical. The condition of three students is stable and the teacher who was shot has been discharged.

Bouchard said there were many other non-life-threatening injuries as people were leaving the school.

He said most were treated and left in the staging area. Bouchard said the suspect, a sophomore at the school, was taken into custody two to three minutes after authorities opened fire without incident. Under-Sheriff Michael G. McCabe said the parents of the suspect hired a lawyer and did not allow him to speak to police. The suspect is being held at Oakland County Children’s Village, Auckland County Executive David Coulter said.

The Sherrif also said that the semiautomatic handgun recovered by law enforcement was bought by suspect’s father on Friday.
The weapon, a 9MM Sig Sauer SP2022 pistol that was loaded at the time it was confiscated, still contained seven rounds, Bouchard said.
A video camera in the school showed that the gunman “came out of the bathroom with the weapon,” but that it was not clear where the gunman went next, the sheriff said. Authorities recovered multiple shell casings in the school and believe around 15-20 shots were fired. There is no indication the suspect was wearing body armor, McCabe said earlier on Tuesday.
The families of the victims have been notified. It is not currently known whether the three students killed were targeted, McCabe said.
While Bouchard said authorities were not aware of prior concerns, they are also investigating pictures of a target and the weapon posted on social media by the suspect.
President Joe Biden addressed the shooting Tuesday while in Minnesota, saying, “My heart goes out to the families enduring the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one.”
“You’ve gotta know that that whole community has to be in a state of shock right now,” Biden said.

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