3 million deaths reported in US amid the fourth wave of COVID-19

Texas: One million deaths from Corona in 3 months: the US in dire straits, the United States is reportedly facing the fourth wave of Corona, the most dangerous type of deadly virus, the Indian Delta variant, which is expected to hit Corona in the next three months. One lakh deaths are feared.

A study by the University of Washington has revealed that by December, 100,000 deaths are expected from Corona, meaning that by the end of this year, the number of deaths from Corona in the United States will reach 730,000. So far this number is 632,000.

Speaking to the World News Agency, Lauren Ansel, director of the Corona Virus Research Department at the University of Texas, said that the rise or fall of the Corona epidemic depends on human behavior. We can’t remove the Delta variant immediately, but we can stop it.

Lauren Ansel, director of the coronavirus at the University of Texas, added that the number would be lower if citizens started wearing masks in public places, keeping out of contact, staying home in case of illness, and getting vaccinated. It can be halved.

It should be noted that Corona’s Indian-born Delta is rapidly wreaking havoc in the United States, which has led to an increase in the number of patients and deaths in hospitals.

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