3 more Kashmiri Martyrs, Indian Army’s barbarism persists

Srinagar: In occupied Kashmir, the Indian army has brought an end to barbarism and brutality. The day of martyrdom of Kashmiris continues. Even today 3 unarmed youths were martyred.

Kashmiri media says that 3 Kashmiri youths were martyred by the firing of Indian forces in Shopian area of ​​the valley. Indian Army martyred the Kashmiri youth in a so-called search operation. The area is completely under siege.

Occupied Kashmir: Atrocities of Indian Army continues, 4 more Kashmiri martyrs

Occupying forces not only martyred Kashmiris in the name of the so-called operation but also broke into houses of the Kashmiris. Reportedly, the Indian forces have arrested several protesting Kashmiris.

Occupying Indian Army also demolished several houses during the so-called search operation. The Kashmiri people came out in large numbers and protested against the actions of the occupying Indian army. In several places, Indian forces used tear gas and iron pellets on protesters, injuring several Kashmiri people.

Efforts are underway to combat the deadly corona virus around the world. Meanwhile, each country is cooperating with the other to prevent the disease. But even during the outbreak of the Corona virus, the Modi government has broken mountains of oppression on Kashmiris.

Arrested Kashmiri photographer Musarat Zahra wins Photo Journalism Award

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