6-yr-old Girl Asks Modi Saab ‘Why So Much Homework for Little Kids?

IIOJK: A video of a six-year-old baby girl making an adorable complaint to Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going viral on social media and netizens are going all “Awww” over it. In the viral video, the cute girl from Jammu and Kashmir can be seen complaining to ‘Modi Saab‘ about a huge burden of homework to little children through online education.

In a short video posted on Twitter by a user with the caption, “Modi saab ko is baat par zaroor gaur farmana chahiye (Modi Sir should take a note on this)”. “Assalamualaikum Modi sahib”, is how the girl starts her video message to the PM as she complains of her teachers giving her too much homework through Zoom classes.

In her video message, the girl with a stressed face can be heard asking, “Choton bacchon jo hotey hai, six-years-old hotey hai unko zyada kyu rakhte hai kaam, madam aur sir, kyu rakhte hai? Ittna kaam hotey hai baddon bacchon ko. Mai jabh subah uthti hu…10 baje see 2 baje takk hoti hai class. Ek hoti hai Maths, English, EVS, Urdu, uske baad Computer…itna zyada kam rakhte hai badon bacchon ko jo hotey hai class 7,6, 10 mai…chotey bacchon ko ittna kaam kyu rakhte hai Modi Saab?

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