90-year-old woman affected by two types of Corona

Brussels: Scientists have discovered that two different types of corona virus can attack a person’s body, which is a matter of great concern.

According to foreign media reports, a 90-year-old woman from Belgium died after being infected with two strains of the corona virus, which has caused scientists to worry about how much the vaccine affects a person infected with different types of Covid.

Scientists say the 90-year-old woman was infected with the British type Alpha and the South African type Beta variant, which raises suspicions that she contracted the virus from two different people.

After the case of the 90-year-old woman came to light, many questions have been raised about the double infection and at the same time, research on the vaccine has also started.

According to media reports, the woman died in March. She was living alone in her home and when she was taken to the hospital, her condition was fine, but five days later, her condition became critical and she was having difficulty in breathing.

The woman was tested for respiratory problems and found to be affected by two types of coronavirus.

According to foreign media, these two (alpha and beta) were spreading in Belgium these days, the woman may have been infected with the virus separately from two different people.

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