Google and WhatsApp reuniting families

90-year-old woman reunites with family after 43 years

New Delhi: A 90-year-old woman from India reached out to her family after 43 years with the help of WhatsApp and Google.

According to Indian media reports, Panchhu Bai arrived at his grandson’s house this week after four decades. After disappearing, she gave herself a name of Acchan.

“We don’t know where Panchhu Bai lived for 43 years, but last month when my aunt moved to Kota village in Maharashtra, she found out about a woman,” said Israr Khan, Panchhu Bai’s grandson.

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My aunt took pictures of the woman and sent them to us on WhatsApp, then my sister recognized my grandmother. “Panchhu Bai is 90 years old and her mental balance is not right.”

“When we recognized her, we brought her home last Thursday,” Israr Khan said. Google and WhatsApp played a big role in Grandma’s return.

The young man said that his grandmother returned after 43 years. When she left home, there were many people, some of whom died, while others moved to other areas.

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